Living-area laundry rooms are becoming more common, so it's important to choose the right utility sink | Ed the Plumber

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Q: We’re planning a new home, and for the first time I’ll have a laundry room in the living area of our home. This will be a finished area with cabinets, shelving and countertops. I don’t want a laundry tub with legs. Any recommendations on the type of sink I should install?

A: Living-area laundry rooms are fast becoming standard in many homes. Not only are these rooms convenient, but if they’re designed properly, they can add extra value to your home.

No matter how nice you make your new laundry area, keep in mind this will still be a working utility room. So, I recommend installing a top-mount cast-iron utility sink in the counter area.

A utility sink is a deep single-bowl sink designed to handle laundry and cleanup tasks. While available in different materials, enameled cast iron can give you beautiful color choices and great strength.

Bottom line: A high-end residential utility sink for your laundry room can work like a mule and show off like a peacock.


Ed Del Grande is a master plumber and contractor and is the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call.” Send questions to