Q: We’re building a bedroom addition complete with a full bathroom. We plan to install an alcove-type shower or tub/shower unit. We also want a glass shower door in place of a shower curtain. What glass door choices could work for us?

A: Upgrading to a glass door for a tub and/or shower setup can make a huge decorative difference in a bathroom, along with the convenience that a glass door brings by eliminating the need for a shower curtain. The door can also add value to your home.

Basic glass door choices for an alcove shower or tub/shower include:

Sliding tub/shower door: Two sliding glass panels for a bathtub unit that is also used for showering.

Sliding shower doors: Same concept as the tub/shower door except designed for larger shower-only units.

Pivot shower door: Swinging or hinged door for smaller shower-only units.


Bath screens: This is a new style concept for tub/shower units. It’s basically a half-size glass tub door to partially enclose the shower area of the tub.

Even with the extra costs, upgrading to a glass shower door can be a clear choice to make.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.