Q: Hi Ed: We’re first-time homeowners ready to remodel our bathroom. I’m choosing a freestanding bath for a soaking tub and want to know what type of tub faucet to choose. Can you please give me a few tub filler choices to choose from?

— Sally, New Jersey

A: In many bathrooms, freestanding tubs can be used as a focal point fixture, since they can be installed in the open and away from any structures, as long as you meet all local codes.

As far as tub filler setups for freestanding tubs go, usually it depends on the installation location and/or tub style.

Many freestanding filler choices are available on the market. To keep it simple, I’ll focus on three basic choices: wall-mount, deck-mount and floor-mount. Each style may have some option choices to add like a hand shower, diverter valve or even a soap holder.

First, if you’re installing a freestanding tub next to a wall, a wall-mounted tub filler can be a nice choice because the water piping and supports can be hidden inside the wall.

Next, if your tub style allows for deck-mounting, installing the filler valve(s), spout and trim on the tub deck itself can be a clean design choice.

Finally, if you want to raise the roof on creative install locations, a floor-mount freestanding tub filler can be a trendy and versatile tower of power!