You can decorate your home with feng shui by tapping positive “chi” energy and creating balance through the art of placement.

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Feng shui, meaning “wind and water,” is based on a traditional Chinese philosophy that links man’s destiny to his immediate environment.

You can decorate your home with feng shui by tapping positive “chi” energy from wind and water and creating balance through the art of placement. This involves arranging your living space in a way that evokes feelings of comfort and safety, thereby enhancing happiness, health and prosperity.

Whatever your own philosophy, here are some ideas for feng shui decorating.

Main entrance

This is the part of the house that you immediately enter into as you open the main door. Based on feng shui beliefs, the main door should not be aligned with the back door of the house. If this is so, it is best to put a partition or curtain to block the alignment to prevent positive energy from leaving through the back door.

Living room

The living room is where decorations using feng shui beliefs can be put to good use. The living room should be well-lit, and decorated with vibrant pictures that evoke positive feelings, such as nature, food and abstract art.

Combining round and square geometrical shapes in your decoration such as placing a round mirror on a square wall or positioning a round coffee table on a square carpet will create balance and harmony in the environment.

The best position for a mirror using feng shui philosophy is to ensure that it reflects a beautiful view from the window.


Although the bedroom needs to be airy and bright, it is not advisable to have more than three windows. If the bedroom has too many windows, the energy drawn will not accumulate well, affecting the family’s well being.

Avoid placing large mirrors in the bedroom; this will affect the energy present, causing sleep disturbances and relationship issues. Should you need to place a mirror in the bedroom, avoid positioning it opposite the bed, as it will reflect energy back at you when you are sleeping, causing sleep disruptions.


The kitchen should be clear of clutter and free from bad smells to prevent negative energy from accumulating. Just as in other rooms, the kitchen has to be bright and well ventilated to attract good energy for wellness.

Any furniture placed in the middle of the kitchen will disrupt the energy flow. Be mindful that sharp corners may cause bad energy to flow toward the direction where they are pointed. Therefore, it is advisable to have a round kitchen table instead of a rectangular or square one.