Cube tubs are ideal for a nice, long soak.

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Q: We’re planning our first home with a private master bathroom. We will mostly use the shower stall, but also want a separate bath. Can you suggest a tub that is perfect for the few times we’ll be able to relax in the bathroom?

A: If you want a bathtub that’s attractive and easy to soak in for extended periods, check out a cube tub.

Cube tubs are often called soaking tubs, and they get their name because they’re usually shaped like a cube. These perfectly square baths are wide and deep with built-in seats. The user sits upright in the tub for a deep soak (like a hot tub) and can watch TV or have a beverage while soaking. You can even add massage jets, tub heaters, lights and air bubbles.

Warning: You may only be able to use it on weekends, because once you hop in you won’t want to get out.


Ed Del Grande: Ed Del Grande is a master plumber and contractor and is the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call.”