Q: I have a bathroom with a small round-style toilet bowl. It’s not a big bathroom, but I do have the room to install the longer style of toilet that I have seen in other bathrooms. Should the plumbing connections be the same?

A: Two popular toilet bowl styles are round-front, where the bowl rim is shaped like a circle, and elongated, where the bowl rim is a little longer and shaped like an egg. Many people find the elongated bowl to be a little more comfortable.

However, because of tight bathroom spaces or limited door-swing clearances, some bathrooms have round-front toilets installed. I have also seen jobs where round-front toilets are installed simply for budget reasons because they are less expensive.

If you have the space to install a new elongated toilet and all the water- and drain-line setups are standard, the new toilet should line up with your existing plumbing connections. I recommend you consult with a licensed plumber to avoid any confusion before you buy the new toilet.

Also, check that you can get an exact color match so your new toilet won’t bowl over your bathroom with clashing colors.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.