Have a kitchen sink with extra holes? You can plug them, or fill the holes with extra accessories.

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Q: My husband came home this week with a new cast-iron kitchen sink that he bought for a discount. While I like the sink and the low price, there is an issue: The sink has five faucet holes! We planned for a pullout kitchen faucet that will take care of the three holes in the middle. But what do we do with the extra holes on each side of the faucet?

A: Usually, kitchen sinks with extra faucet holes are ordered to match a certain faucet type or sink accessory. It could be that the sink was ordered, the sale never went through and the price was lowered.

So, now you’re basically working backwards. You have a sink with extra holes and need to fill the holes with extra accessories.

The easiest and most inexpensive way is to order faucet-hole caps to cover and plug the extra sink holes. However, you will see the round covers and you may not like that look.

A soap dispenser is another affordable way to fill one of the holes. But that still leaves another hole to fill. If possible, you could get a different style of faucet with a remote spray head to fill that last hole. Or, install a separate beverage faucet next to your kitchen faucet that can supply filtered water, while clearing up your extra hole issue at the same time.

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