Artist-edition kitchen sinks can be pleasing to the eye, and at the same time feel like a sculpture.

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Q: I remember a past article you wrote about “artist-edition” bathroom sinks. I plan on changing my kitchen sink when we remodel, and I was wondering if they make artist-edition kitchen sinks as well?

A: Artist-edition sinks combine form and function.

Along with colors and fancy patterns, texture also comes into play with many artist-edition sinks. This means that not only can a plumbing fixture be pleasing to the eye, it can also feel like a sculpture.

The good news is artist-edition sinks are available for the kitchen. Usually, they are farmhouse or apron-front sinks, because the large front apron of the sink provides space for very creative designs. When made with fireclay, these kitchen sinks can have a variety of colors and textures embedded on the face of the sink.

From Victorian to contemporary, an artist-edition sink creates a decorative splash in any kitchen.

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