Readers responded with everything but the kitchen sink about how to fill up those extra holes.

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Q: We enjoyed reading your recent article about how to use an extra kitchen sink hole. Being tea drinkers, when we faced this dilemma we installed a hot-water dispenser. Have any other readers of your column sent in their ideas?

A: Yes, surprisingly I received a lot of creative feedback on how to fill up an extra kitchen sink hole. I originally suggested different kitchen faucet configurations, hole covers or even a separate beverage faucet. But for tea drinkers, a hot-water dispenser is a great idea. I also received a note from a homeowner that installed a cold-water dispenser in the extra hole.

A few plumbers reminded me that in some areas, kitchen plumbing codes require air-break controls, and they routinely order sinks with an extra hole for this control.

Finally, a reader told me she installed a second soap dispenser. One holds hand cream, the other soap, and that suggestion will wash our hands of this topic for now.

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