Q: I enjoyed your column on matching a new toilet to a 1970s bathroom where the original toilet color is no longer available. Your advice to go with a white toilet was helpful. What are today’s toilet colors and how do you think they will age?

A: Matching older plumbing fixture colors can be tough. I did receive emails saying if you do a detailed internet search, some specialty fixture companies may be able to help. With that said, let’s talk about today’s trending toilet colors.

Current popular fixture colors I’ve worked with recently can be summed up with the words “natural and safe.” By natural I refer to earthy color tones, and by safe I’m talking about light colors. That’s good news because white and off-white fixture colors tend to stay in style, while deep/rich colors may come and go.

Some of my new favorite toilet colors include honed white (with a stonelike finish) and off-white colors like cane sugar, biscuit and sea salt. For those that do like bolder plumbing fixtures, look for colors like indigo blue, black plum, and thunder gray.

Just remember, today’s flashy toilets may not have a very bright future.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.