Q: I do all my own home improvements, and I’m thinking about installing a new skirted-style toilet in place of my old toilet. Can a skirted toilet replace a standard toilet without changing the rough plumbing setup?

A: Let’s bring everyone up to speed on skirted toilets.

Simply put, a skirted toilet means the toilet has a skirted trapway. A skirted trapway covers up all the bends and curves you see on a standard toilet bowl, creating a smooth, sleek side that’s easier to clean.

In most cases, skirted toilets can be installed using the same rough plumbing setup as a standard toilet. However, installation can require some drilling and extra mounting work. Some skirted toilets now use new mounting systems that anchor the bowl directly to the toilet flange for an easier install.

Finally, having information like water-line measurements, the type of flooring in the bathroom, and even photos of the old toilet can help you find a skirted toilet that fits you best.


Ed Del Grande: eadelg@cs.com. Ed Del Grande is a master plumber and contractor and is the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call.”