For many homeowners, picking colors can feel scary. Which ones should I use? In which rooms? And will I make the wrong choices?

If you are looking to add color in your home and having a hard time getting started, here are some general rules of thumb.


• Use tints, tones and shades of the same color in a single space.

• Hang artwork to help set a mood or introduce a color theme.

• Use portable decor like toss pillows and throws to integrate colors that you can swap in or out.

• Try painting an accent wall if you are reluctant to take the plunge and paint an entire area.


• Consider unexpected color combinations, such as retro colors, which remain on trend.


• Blend a color palette of more than three colors in same space. In most cases, less is more.

• Overlook monochromatic color schemes. Light colors can feel especially crisp and fresh.

• Miss an opportunity to set a mood with color. Cool colors are calming, while warm colors can be cozy.

• Forget small opportunities to bring pops of color into a space. Try small pieces of furniture, such as side tables and chairs.

• Overlook proven color combinations like colors adjacent to either other or opposite on the color wheel.