Whether a room has typical-height or extra-high ceilings, there are a number of design tricks that can help maximize the space. Height adds a lot to a room — it can make a space feel more open as well as add a sense of spaciousness.

Here are some top designer tips to take your room to new heights.


1. Add mirrors. Hung vertically or in a series, mirrors can add instant height to a space.

2. Add an architectural feature such as an oversize window.

3. Place artwork vertically. Horizontal artwork can make a room seem bigger, while art placed vertically can help make a space feel taller.

4. Use light or neutral colors in a space. Light colors can make a space feel larger.

5. Add ceiling recessed lighting when possible, as lighter spaces automatically feel bigger.



1. Paint ceilings — it will reduce a how high they seem.

2. Use overly dark colors, which will make a room feel smaller.

3. Use large or bold patterns; they will close in a space.

4. Overstuff a space with furniture. A crowded space will feel smaller.

5. Use elements in a space that are too tall, like oversize trees or lights, which will also close in a space.