Q: I’m remodeling my master bathroom, complete with a new tile shower stall. I have some room to make a larger shower stall. Any way I can expand the shower area and still keep an open-looking bathroom?

A: Installing a larger stall in an existing bathroom can easily crowd the area. You can look into a “neo-angle” corner shower, but most homeowners prefer square or rectangle stalls.

A compromise that will give you a square stall that looks more open is to install an exposed or transparent wall enclosure. One side wall of the shower enclosure is a fixed glass panel that is attached to the solid back wall of the stall. The opposite side wall has the plumbing fixtures, and the front stall panel is the glass shower-door assembly.

This setup can visually open up the bathroom area, since a full corner and a side wall of the shower stall is transparent. The glass side wall also allows natural and ambient light into the shower area.

Some manufacturers offer shower enclosure kits for DIY installation, or you can hire a pro and have one custom-made.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.