If you are considering using mirrors in your home's décor, here are some useful tips.

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Mirrors are often considered to be the hidden secret of design. Often just as powerful as artwork and in some cases a more appealing design option, decorating with mirrors for many homeowners may feel overwhelming.

If you are considering using mirrors, here are some useful tips.

1. Consider using mirrors in a series. You don’t just have to use a single mirror on a wall. Consider using two or three in a series — it will help to elongate a space.

2. Try round mirrors instead square or rectangular shapes.

3. Use mirrors above sideboards and entertainment units. They will help to reflect other areas of a space.

4. If you have a room that is small or has no or few windows, consider using one big mirror or a series or mirrors.

5. Try rimless mirrors to create clean lines.

6. Consider placing a mirror above a bed. Typically the choice above a bed is artwork or a mirror.

7. Experiment with finishes. While metallics such as silver and gold are most popular, consider mixing in frames made of wood or even painted.

8. Experiment with the ornate. Ornate mirrors work in traditional interiors, but can also add a touch of glam into nearly any space.

9. Experiment with thin mirrors. In some cases, bigger may not always be bigger. Slim, thinner mirrors can look sleek and attractive, especially in modern spaces.

10. Consider using a wall of mirrors as artwork. Artwork doesn’t always have to be traditional art. An elaborate display of mirrors may be just as powerful.