"My husband wants to install a double-vanity unit in the bathroom. But I want two side-by-side pedestal sinks instead." Ed the Plumber helps them sort it out.

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Q: I need your help with an issue my husband and I are having about our new bathroom. It’s a large area and he wants to install a double-vanity unit. But I want to install two side-by-side pedestal sinks instead. He says we’ll lose storage and counter space and that installing two separate sinks can be expensive. Any ideas on how to settle this plumbing disagreement?

A: If the big concern is keeping your bathroom costs under budget, this can be an easy decision.

Have your contractor price up both to see if there’s a substantial price difference between installing two pedestal sinks over a double vanity. If cost is not the main concern, then there may be another way to work this out.

Pedestal sinks are available with extra-wide flat edges around the sink bowl, and that can help you get back some counter space, especially since you plan to install the sinks next to each other.

As far as storage concerns, a closet or storage unit should work fine since you have a large bathroom area.

Finally, pedestal sinks can have a dramatic bathroom design impact when installed side by side, so tell your husband I’m on your side.

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