Q: Ed: We’re having a kitchen island complete with a bar sink installed. I don’t want a standard square sink; I’d like a round bar sink. What prep work can I do to help this project run smoothly, and any helpful tips for choosing my bar sink?

— Pat, New York state

A: A good plan is to have the sink at the job site before you start the project. This way your contractor can order the countertop, faucet and base cabinets to custom fit your special sink.

When choosing your fixture, start with the material choice. I like stainless steel or cast-iron bar sinks. Checking to see what colors or finishes are available can help with your material choice.

Then decide if you want a drop-in or undermount-style sink rim. Also add some entertainment options like ice molds, sink racks and cutting boards.

Finally, draw up a countertop plan so you and your contractor are on the same page. If the contractor can have the actual sink in hand and knows its exact location before the job begins, it should be smooth sailing for your new kitchen island.