Q: I’m designing and building my own classic-style wooden bar. I want to show off my sink by installing it on the bar top, not hidden underneath. With your experience, can you please recommend a classic faucet style for me to install?

A: Sinks and faucets for home bars happens to be my favorite subject. Decades ago, there were not that many bar-sink faucets available, but today there are lots of exciting styles and finishes to choose from. There are pull-down spray types, as well as single- or double-handle styles. Bar-sink faucets can even be matched with your larger kitchen-sink faucet.

But my favorite style is commonly called a gentleman’s bar-sink faucet. It’s faucet is inspired by the old-time soda fountain spigots. And since it’s a classic style, it is a perfect match with for classic bar. It is a tall and sturdy deck-mount faucet, with a single handle located at the crest of the faucet spout bend.

So if you’re asking this gentleman, I’ll politely tell you to go with a gentleman’s bar-sink faucet.


Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.