Valentine’s Day is approaching, and as a lover of seasonal decor, I find it to be a fun and festive time of year that is perfect to cheer up your home after the bulk of winter holiday decorations have been put away.

If I could only choose one thing to have out during this holiday, it would be a vase full of tulips. I adore having stems out around the house to add a pop of color and freshness, especially when the weather is dreary. The vibrant reds and soft blush hues instantly warm up any space and put a smile on everyone’s face. They are the perfect thing to replace any remaining greenery and pine cones lingering on mantels and tabletops. I thought they looked especially sweet in our checkered red-and-white container.

In fact, a lot of the textiles I use during Valentine’s are ones I tend to transition into other times of year. A red plaid tablecloth is a timeless addition that can go from romantic dinner for two to a summer picnic and back to a jolly Christmas. Just highlighting a few delicate heart accessories can bring some festive flair, perfect for February fun.

I was especially excited by the stone heart containers I used for a tabletop. Finally, a way to make a box of chocolates last past the last bite! I love adding a table element that can act as a gift for my dinner attendees so they can bring a little bit of decor back to their own homes. Wouldn’t this be a perfect takeaway for friends during a Galentine’s dinner?

At the end of the day (or season), there is no “right” way to decorate for a small holiday. Whether you like a display that shouts your love of festivities or one that subtly blends with your year-round decor, all that matters is that you have fun and get your creativity flowing.


Katie Laughridge is the owner of Kansas City interior design firm Nell Hill’s.