Q: I’m planning my dream kitchen for our remodeling project this fall. I’m going with a cast-iron kitchen sink because of all the color choices. I want to be up to date, so what trendy cast-iron color choices do you suggest I look at?

A: Cast iron is a good material choice for a kitchen sink. In addition to offering a large selection of colors, it’s strong, durable, quiet and utilizes recycled materials.

As with the fashion world, color trends often change for kitchen designs. From what I’ve seen lately, natural and earthy colors seem to be popular. Here are some of my favorites:

Light tones: White, which is always “in”; Sea Salt, a speckled white; and Biscuit, which is off-white.

Medium tones: Ice Gray (lighter gray), Cashmere (brown-gray) and Almond (beige).

Dark tones: Indigo Blue (deep blue), Thunder Gray (dark gray) and Black Plum (purple/black).

Note that light tones tend to hide water and soap spots better than darks. Also, choose a color that is not a flash in the pan — you’ll want your new kitchen sink to stay in style for a while.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.