Q: I’ve saved up a little “fun money” and wanted to buy one of those smart toilets. But after doing some research, it looks like a smart toilet is out of my budget. Why are they so expensive, and do I have other less-expensive smart options?

A: Smart toilets combine electronic technology with state-of-the-art plumbing system designs, so it’s no surprise that they can be expensive.

High-tech toilets can include such features as remote-control operation, built-in bidet washing systems, motorized high-power flushing, self-cleaning UV light sanitization, heated seats, deodorizing fans with filters, LED night lights and hands-free seat lifting/closing. That’s why these models can be out of reach for many homeowners — myself including.

However, there is a less-expensive option if you want smart-toilet technology and you have an elongated toilet. Rather than replace the toilet, you can purchase a smart toilet seat that combines some of those features, including bidet washing.

Bottom line: Installing a smart toilet seat instead of the whole toilet can be an intelligent money-saving choice that won’t flush away all your fun money.


Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.