Q: I’m remodeling the kitchen at my city condo. I want a contemporary sink, but I like the look of the apron-front, farm-type kitchen sinks. Do they make stainless steel apron-front sinks so I can get a modern look?

A: “Farmhouse” kitchen sinks with the exposed apron-front styling are usually made with fired clay or cast-iron materials to create a country look. However, new stainless steel farmhouse sinks are available with modern accents and tightly angled corners to create a more contemporary look.

These newer sinks can include cool features such as deep, wide sink bowls with optional bowl divides; offset drains with bottom sink racks; and sound-absorbing technology for quieter performance when using a disposer.

A stainless steel apron-front sink may not be traditional, but it can create a farm-style look that grows into many design elements of a modern day kitchen.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.