Yellow is both a fun and warm color. If you are looking to brighten a room, no color achieves quite an impact more. From bright lemon to deeper tones such as mustard, yellow is both versatile and a color that can be dressed up or down when staging and styling a space.

Looking for ways to use yellow in your home? Here are eight bright ideas.

1. Consider using yellow as a wall paint color in a room. Whether as an accent color or on every wall in a space, yellow can add warmth and coziness to a space.

2. Use yellow in rooms and spaces that don’t receive much natural sunlight. Yellow can be used to mimic sunshine.

3. Incorporate yellow in a space in which you are looking to create a gender-neutral color palette.

4. Use yellow through artwork and accessories.

Don't knock wood when it comes to a one-of-a-kind design

5. When in doubt, less is more. Not ready to take the plunge and use yellow throughout an entire space? Why not incorporate yellow through portable decor pieces such as accents and accessories?

6. Blend yellow with other yellow-based tones such as green and orange.

7. Don’t forget yellow-based finishes such as brass and gold, which can help to tell a yellow story in a space.


8. Pair yellow with neutral foundation colors such as white, taupe, gray and even black. These color combinations can be both fresh and modern.