From hot tubs to firepits, it’s not too late for some outdoor enjoyment.

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Fall is a popular time get outside and enjoy the magic of the change of seasons. Creating some backyard entertainment areas may help your family enjoy the outdoors just as much during fall as they did in the summer.

Here are some ideas.

Kitchen. Outdoor cooking stations can be basic or elaborate. There are companies that will even create an all-in-one unit that just has to be hooked up with the help of professionals.

Play area. Many children love playing with neighbors and friends. What better way to do this than enjoying their very own swing set?

Garden. For many homeowners, the joy associated growing vegetables is welcomed every summer and fall.

Firepit. These gathering spaces are more popular than ever, and they’re especially enjoyable on a chilly fall night.

Hot tub. The transition from summer to fall is typically a time when people look to close up pools and open hot tubs. Hot tubs can come in different sizes and shapes and remain a popular outdoor addition.

Deck/patio. Decks can be built year-round, and fall is the perfect time to prepare foundation and supports to build through the winter.