Q: I’m replacing an old toilet that flushes using a lot of water, and I would like to install a new dual-flush model. What are some dual-flush options, and what other tips can you add on toilet replacement?

A: Dual-flushing toilets offer two cycles: a full flush and a half flush. These options provide a little more flush control, as well as water savings. As with any toilet, before you purchase, get the flush specs and check your local water codes for any compliance issues.

I’ve worked with three dual-flush models, and your choice will likely come down to personal preference. They are:

Two-button tower. Users can use the full-flush or light-flush buttons, which are usually located on top of the toilet tank.

Lever-activated tower. A special lever located on the side of the tank controls the preferred flush options.

Electric/motorized. Usually found on smart toilets, this model includes activators that control flush durations.

As for toilet-replacement tips, I suggest looking for a toilet with a wide footprint to help cover old floor marks. You may also want to choose a comfort-height toilet with a taller toilet bowl.

Ed Del Grande is a master plumber, contractor and author. Send questions to eadelg@cs.com.