With a few minor changes here and there, you can make sure your guests feel welcome and that your house looks its best.

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The holidays. They are a wonderful time spent with family and friends, cocooning on lazy days off work and indulging in delicious comfort foods. Decorating and preparing for parties is half the fun.

With a few changes here and there, you can make sure your guests feel welcome and that your house looks its best. Here are 15 ideas for adding sparkle to your home.

Include silver and gold accessories. They’re a quick way to add glitz. Home stores turn to these classic finishes for holiday décor lines, so finding items is easy.

Think non-traditional color palettes. Red isn’t the only way to go. What about apple green and pink, or blue, silver and gray for a wintery theme? Just make sure your scheme is cohesive throughout the house with touches here and there in the form of tabletop ornaments, throw pillows and candles, for example.

Don’t neglect bathrooms. Add some items to dress up the space, like a pretty dish of hand soaps, holiday-themed guest towels or scented hand lotion.

Add strings of lights. The options nowadays are endless, from those that imitate dripping icicles to vintage-inspired Edison lights. Wrap a string around the banister or hang them around the front door to make visitors feel as if they’re entering an enchanted place.

Change out a lampshade or two. If you want a quick and inexpensive way to freshen up a room, switch up the ones you have or buy new ones in festive colors.

Set out a lovely seasonal scent. Fresh evergreen branches bring something living and natural into your decorations. Think about a bowl of oranges or apples, a string of pine cones or branches loosely formed into a table centerpiece.

Set the ambiance with a signature aroma. Several high-end candle companies have holiday-theme scents, including Voluspa, with its Spruce Cuttings candles and aromatic diffusers. Its Persimmon & Copal or Cinnamon, Ceylon & Copal scents also might be good scene setters for holiday parties.

Bring out the board games. Set them up where guests are likely to congregate.

Set out some small side tables. Guests can perch drinks on them, and they’re also great for resting a cup of tea or cocoa while you curl up with a book during your holiday “me time.”

Plan a signature cocktail for your party. Show it off with some elegant barware. A shiny cocktail shaker or stainless steel or glass ice bucket and a set of crystal tumblers make happy hour fancy.

Add glass accents for luster and shine. Stylish glass vases can be found in warm colors. Or try hurricane lamps for candles.

Put desserts on display. The holidays are an occasion to indulge. Bring out those special cookies and confections and let guests pluck their favorites from a tiered silver serving tray.

Add color and pizzazz with throws and pillows. Guests will feel more at home snuggled up on cool nights. They’re also a way to add color and freshen up a seating area for a party.

Dress up the dining table. Finishing touches such as place-card holders can make a big design difference.

Warm up a space with faux fur. Go with soft throws or fuzzy Christmas stockings, available at a variety of stores.