With fall in full swing and winter approaching, now may be the ideal time to get any outstanding outdoor projects out of the way. There may also be a desire to upgrade some outdoor entertainment that can be enjoyed during colder months.

Here are some ideas as it relates to fall projects.

1. House painting. Looking to give your home a refresher? While many choose to paint in the spring, fall can also be a good season to refresh the outside of your home.

2. Outdoor kitchens. Outdoor kitchens can be basic or elaborate. There are companies that will even create an all-in-one unit that simply has to be hooked up with the help of professionals such as an electrician and or plumber. You will need to winterize your outdoor kitchen before freezing temperatures kick in.

3. Saunas. With so many opting for a “staycation” this year, saunas are an appealing outdoor oasis and are relatively easy to install.

4. Landscaping. This is a good time to give your landscape a fall cleanup. Pulling weeds and mulching can help prepare your landscape for the winter chill.

5. Fire pits. Fire pits are more popular than ever — and they’re especially enjoyable on a chilly fall night!


6. Hot tubs. The transition from summer to fall is typically a time when people close down their pools and open up hot tubs. Hot tubs come in different sizes and shapes and are a popular outdoor addition.

7. Decks and patios. Decks can be built any time of the year, and the fall is the perfect time to prepare the foundation and supports if you plan to build through the winter.

Gutter repairs are an important part of maintaining your home. (Design Recipes via TNS)
Gutter repairs are an important part of maintaining your home. (Design Recipes via TNS)

8. Gutter repair or replacement. This is an important part of maintaining your home.

9. Pools. Those looking to enjoy a new summer pool often start planning and even building in the fall.

10. Repaving and resurfacing. In anticipation of winter potholes, now may be a good time to execute any driveway or street repairs.