When it comes to artwork, sometimes thinking outside the box can be the best solution. 

Gone are the days when only traditional prints or canvases graced walls; in are the days of creativity, including innovative DIY projects. Looking for ways to spark up your walls in a fresh way? Here are some top tips.

1. Paint an accent wall. Using paint to create a colorful accent wall is a great way to perk up a space that can’t accommodate artwork.

2. Create a diptych or triptych using identical or similar pieces of art in a series to create a bold statement.

3. Use wall hangings or other textile works in place of traditional artwork.

4. Consider shelving that displays your treasures instead of artwork. Want to be creative? Make the shelves out of materials such as reclaimed wood or metal, or go kitschy with an unexpected base, such as a skateboard.


5. Frame children’s artwork or create a shadowbox of mementos. A local frame store can often assist with this.

6. Look for colorful items to frame, such as scarves or large pieces of fabric. They can add interest and are often special because of the associated memories.

7. Go big! Instead of using smaller pieces of art, choose larger pieces, as they help to ground a space.

8. Create vignettes. A wall of unexpected elements can look harmonious when clustered together.

9. Consider mirrors instead of traditional artwork. Large mirrors or mirrors in a series can help create impact.

10. Implement pops of color. A decorative wall statement is an opportunity to infuse both color and texture into your space.