Interior designs don’t have to be expensive to look expensive. If you’re searching for affordable ways to refresh your space, here are 10 easy ideas to try, all priced under $100.

Hang removable wallpaper. Wallpaper remains a hot design trend. Not sure you want to take the plunge? Start with removable or temporary wallpaper.

Incorporate industrial elements. A pipe, for example, can be used for everything from ladder rungs to helping hold up shelves.

Use drop cloths as curtains. Who doesn’t love no-sew curtains? Drop cloths are the perfect weight for a curtain. Grab some drapery pins and attach them to a rod, then add grommets and you’re all set.

Repurpose items as shelves. From recycled wood to old skateboards, it’s time to think creatively when you need to hang a shelf.

Display potted succulents. Tiny succulents are hearty enough to serve as a strong design element. Pair them with plain white sand in a glass jar or vessel and you have a beautiful accent piece for your home.

Using mirrors as a headboard is a great way to bounce light and color in a bedroom. (Design Recipes via TNS)

Use mirrors as a headboard. This is a great way to bounce light and color in a space. Hang mirrors horizontally to widen a space, vertically to add height or in a grid pattern to mimic windows.

Add side tables and carts. They don’t have to be traditional: Garden stools and carts can be used as side tables and decorative accents.

Place rice paper or other items in shadow boxes. Rice paper is both modern and neutral. One creative idea is to place large pieces in frames.

Use wine glasses as candle holders. Just flip over the wine glass and place a small votive on the bottom, which now serves as the base for your candle. Put something decorative under the mouth of the glass for an even more creative look.

Decorate using removable wall stickers. These are so much fun and can add instant color and graphics to a space.