Many people have resolutions for themselves, so why not for the home? As a new decade and year settles in, now is a good time to implement some resolutions.

Out with the old, in with the new. Now is the perfect time to toss items you no longer need or use.

Finish outstanding projects. While many people set goals and lists for tasks, often many remain unfinished.

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Start a home decor fund. It can just a few dollars a week or a bit more. Use this as a way to save for home decor items you may want to splurge on later.

Host a swap. These have become the modern versions of a garage sale, in which friends or neighbors empty their homes of unwanted items and swap decor, furniture and accessories. You never know what may turn up!

Create a relaxation zone. Having at least one area of your home dedicated to calm and quiet helps create a more balanced environment.


Purge! Editing and reevaluate on an ongoing basis.

Take inventory. Have you ever purchased something only to realize you already own it? Having a method to take inventory of your belongings will help reduce waste.

Bins and baskets help create order and organization. (TNS)
Bins and baskets help create order and organization. (TNS)

Organize. Organization is the key to a tidier home.

Rotate your home decor. Now is an ideal time to refresh and renew.

Shop your house. Go into attics and closets and see what you may have hidden away that could be of use.


Cathy Hobbs: Cathy Hobbs is an Emmy Award-winning television host, an interior designer and a home-staging expert based in New York City.