'I'll be the best driver you've ever had!' Watch what happens when Seahawks star Richard Sherman goes undercover as a driver for Lyft.

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It seems like a lot of self-professed Seahawks fans need glasses. The best cornerback in the league filmed an Undercover Lyft video for the ride-sharing service. Doing his best Rastafarian impression, “Richie” donned a beanie, sunglasses and a poncho, and gave a bunch of unsuspecting riders the most entertaining ride of their lives.

With typical Richard Sherman restraint, he told one gal, “I’ll be the best driver you’ve ever had,” and bragged “I’ve got a perfect five-star rating so far.” (Of course he does.)

He talked draft prospects: “I don’t like to watch the draft until like the third day, the fifth round.” (Yeah, we see where you are going with that, buddy.)

At one point he even talks about himself in the third person, and unbelievably nobody catches on. Everyone is fired from Seahawks fandom.

At least the first woman figured it out right away. She should get a free ride for that.

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