Reality TV is to entertainment-industry careers what "Night of the Living Dead" director George Romero is to corpses. There's not a star...

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Reality TV is to entertainment-industry careers what “Night of the Living Dead” director George Romero is to corpses. There’s not a star so burnt out that the likes of VH1 can’t try to revive.

So it’s not a shocker that the long-gone hitmaking female rap outfit Salt-N-Pepa — creators of such ’80s/’90s hits as “Push It” — should get the chance to climb back into public consciousness at 10 p.m. Mondays through a VH1 series called, fittingly, “The Salt-N-Pepa Show.” What is surprising, though, is that, unlike so many of the other reality shows of this type, it’s not pandering, sleazy or full of unnecessary drama.

The debut episode revolves around just how Salt (Cheryl James) and Pepa (Sandy Denton) can spice things up again after they split acrimoniously more than a decade ago. Pepa is still feeling the sting from when Salt — apparently suffering from bulimia and exhaustion — called her out of the blue to tell her she didn’t want to perform anymore.

Meanwhile, in the intervening years, Salt has a family, found religion and is no longer comfortable with much of her former musical material.

But when their manager keeps approaching them about the offers that keep rolling in — from as far afield as Australia — the two begin to think seriously about burying their hatchets and picking up the mics.

Watching Salt and Pepa try to reconnect after years of estrangement proves more effective than a simple plot summary might indicate.