PHILADELPHIA (AP) — This Philadelphia 76ers star has a new nickname because of a hilarious wrong answer on “Jeopardy.”

Who is Joel Embiid?

The Sixers All-Star center was featured on the quiz show Wednesday night in the first-round category of “Current Sports Nicknames.” The $1,000 question was, “Joel Embiid in 2019 won the trademark for this nickname that also describes the 76ers’ strategy of improving the team.”

The answer is The Process.

The guess was, “What is, do a 180?”

How about that slogan during the Sixers long rebuild, “Trust the 180!”

Embiid, introduced at home games as The Process, poked fun at the viral clip, changing his Twitter handle to Joel “Do a 180” Embiid??? and he posted a picture of himself on Instagram with the caption, “New Year, New Me!!!! You can now call me JOEL “DO A 180″ EMBIID.”

Someone on the “Jeopardy” staff might be a 76ers fan — Allen Iverson was the answer to a question in an episode late last year, and he also was guessed incorrectly.


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