In the summer, Washington state becomes a paradise for music-festival lovers. But with many to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Luckily, we compiled this guide, focusing on the vibe at each festival, to help you decide. Regardless of which one you pick, don’t forget sunscreen and dancing shoes!

  1. If a large-scale, outdoor rave sounds like heaven to you, think about attending Paradiso (June 14-15) at the Gorge Amphitheatre. At this festival, glitter, hula hoops and colorful outfits are very much welcome. Plus, if you’ve been looking for a community passionate about EDM, you are sure to find one here.
  2. Shutting down streets for one huge dance party sounds impossible, right? Wrong! Capitol Hill Block Party (July 19-21) welcomes you to flood Pike Street in one of Seattle’s liveliest neighborhoods for music, art, food and more. This festival is the best choice for someone looking to enjoy music on the pop and hip-hop spectrum, all while feeling like they never left their neighborhood.
  3. Take a break from city life and giddyap to a country-music wonderland at the Gorge for Watershed (Aug. 2-4). If you’ve ever wanted to dance under the stars to your favorite country songs among a sea of cowboy hats and American flags, now you can!
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  4. Want the fun of a music festival but dread camping? If so, 107.7 The End’s Summer Camp (Aug. 10) is perfect for you. Contrary to the name, no actual camping is involved and you can enjoy a more relaxed experience with just one stage and the option to lounge out on Marymoor Park’s lawn for the day. Bonus points if indie/alternative rock music is your jam!
  5. If you ever wanted to experience a festival with more than just music, Bumbershoot (Aug. 30-Sept. 1), at Seattle Center, allows you to immerse yourself in comedy, arts and culture for up to three days. If you are still all about the music, the festival has a different lineup each day and is packed with artists from various genres.