DVDs "Transsiberian" It's not a sequel to "Transamerica" and there's no gender-reassignment. Don't miss this nail-biter of a little independent...

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It’s not a sequel to “Transamerica” and there’s no gender-reassignment. Don’t miss this nail-biter of a little independent thriller, with Woody Harrelson (I know, but trust me) and Emily Mortimer as a troubled Yankee couple who become entangled with a sketchy pair aboard a long, cramped train trip from Beijing to Russia. Ben Kingsley plays a Russkie detective who won’t stop sniffing around. Tensionwise, think “Shattered Glass.” From First Look, rated R, available Tuesday.

Mark Rahner, Seattle Times DVD writer


The Orient Express

For kitschy fun, not much beats sitting down to dinner in a retired train car. Happily, SoDo’s Andy’s Diner, which closed in January, has reopened as The Orient Express (2943 Fourth Ave. S., Seattle, 206-682-0683, www.menu.oe-restaurant.com), specializing in Chinese, Thai and American food. Read all about it in Nancy Leson’s food blog, www.seattletimes.com/allyoucaneat. Now if they’d just bring back Pioneer Square’s Iron Horse, where model trains delivered your burger right to your table …

Lynn Jacobson, Seattle Times Arts & Life editor