Go back in time, across the country and around the world in this week’s edition of Get These Kids Out of My Hair — er, we mean The Weekly Wonder. Here are our top sanity-saving ideas:

Journey with Lewis and Clark

It was 216 years ago this month that Meriwether Lewis and William Clark left St. Louis  with their Corps of Discovery on an epic journey to explore the Northwest. The round trip to the Pacific Ocean would last nearly 2 ½ years and involve hunger, bitter cold and an encounter with a grizzly bear. Kids can travel with Lewis and Clark via PBS’ interactive Google Earth tour (st.news/lc-pbs-tour).

Step up your origami game

A NASA physicist left his job to pour his scientific knowledge into his passion — origami. Get inspired by Robert Lang’s amazing creations at langorigami.com and find plenty of how-to videos on Proud Paper Official’s YouTube page (youtube.com/user/ProudPaperOfficial), from elephants and butterflies to ninja stars and roses.

Say ‘Hello Dalí’

Artist Salvador Dalí was obsessed with melting clocks and much more. Head to the Dalí Museum in Florida to see his most famous works and take a 360-degree tour (thedali.org/virtual-tour). Inspired? Make your own Dalí-style face collage, long-legged animal (thedali.org/activities-2) or other unique work.

Make a sugar rainbow

Zip over to the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry for a sweet little session on density and sugar rainbows (youtu.be/fA8wQYoPh7k).

Bushwhack through the jungle

Find yourself deep in a Costa Rican jungle, surrounded by three masters of disguise. Twist around and see if you can spot them in the BBC’s 360-degree “Planet Earth II” video (youtu.be/AhISnxlonxI). Then explore more of Costa Rica’s wild animals, from strawberry poison dart frogs to pit vipers and rainbow-bill toucans (costarica.com/wildlife).