Warning NSFW: As you can imagine, videos contain strong language.

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You might as well laugh, for a minute anyway.

On Monday’s “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,” the comedian weighed in on the latest presidential election scandal. In the segment, Bee plays the now-famous tape of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaking on a bus about how, as a star, he’s able to get away with anything, including grabbing women’s crotches.
“Trump was literally explaining a time-tested strategy for sexual assault,” Bee said. “ In fact, take a Tic Tac and grab them by the p—- is the closest thing to a plan Donald Trump has described this entire election.”

Bee goes on to lambaste Trump and Billy Bush, who was suspended from his job on the “Today” show, for what she described as a nearly textbook display of how to create a hostile work training environment. She mocked advice she speculated Trump was getting from Roger Ailes, who resigned as CEO of Fox News in July over allegations of sexual harassment.

“Stop!” Bee said. “Who is advising you on how to deal with your misogyny crisis? Roger Ailes, of course,  of the esteemed PR firm of Ailes, Cosby, Polanski and Gibson. They’re good!”

Bee wrapped it up by saying it must be hard to get through the day without using one of 28 words — which she impressively catalogs — describing female genitalia.

Watch the videos below: