The long history of white actors playing people of color continues with Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson in a Sky Arts television show. The first trailer of the show has been released.

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When Joseph Fiennes was picked last year to play Michael Jackson in a British comedy, the news wasn’t well received. Here was another instance of a white actor playing a person of color. A clip of Fiennes as Jackson in the Sky Arts show “Urban Myths” has finally been released.

The response to the white British actor playing the African-American King of Pop was, as expected, negative.

Hollywood has a long history of casting white actors to portray people of color, or rewriting characters to be white going back to the first movie, “The Birth of a Nation.” When Fiennes’ casting was announced last year, The Washington Post put together a list of 100 instances that a white actor played a person of color.

Despite the repeated pleas to stop using white folks in roles written for and about people of color, the practice of “whitewashing” is still strong in Hollywood. The trend and controversy continues with the highly-anticipated “Ghost In the Shell,” which is being released in March, has Scarlett Johansson playing the lead character who was written as a Japanese woman.

“Urban Myths”  is about the road-trip Elizabeth Taylor (Stockard Channing),  Marlon Brando (Brian Cox), an Jackson (Fiennes)  took after 9/11. It airs Jan. 19 on Sky Arts.