Funko, the Everett-based company that produces pop-culture collectibles, is welcoming the start of summer (and music festival season) with a lineup of music-themed figures inspired by legendary artists.

With Thursday’s launch of Popapalooza, Funko‘s own music-themed line, the company featured an homage to Seattle’s very own Pearl Jam.

Fans have been asking for Pearl Jam Pops! — Funko’s best-known line of vinyl figurines — for a long time, said Billy Brisebois, Funko’s director of retail marketing. “Being a Seattle-area company, Pearl Jam is a special line for Funko. It doesn’t hurt that they are also one of the greatest rock bands of all time.”

The Pearl Jam 5-Pack features Pop! figures of Mike McCready (guitar), Jeff Ament (bass), Eddie Vedder (vocals/guitar), Matt Cameron (drums) and Stone Gossard (guitar).

In addition to Pearl Jam, Popapalooza features such bands as BTS and TLC and artists like DJ Khaled.

The decision to feature a wide range of music genres in the Popapalooza lineup stems from Funko’s motto, “Everyone is a fan of something,” said Lauren Winarski, Funko’s director of licensing and brand strategy. “Where else do you see TLC promoted alongside Elvis Presley? Or Iron Maiden and BTS in the same product offering? Very different brands and incredible forces in their own right, but it’s music that always brings people together.”

Even though Funko has an expansive catalogue of licenses to work with, those at the company “never lose sight of our roots,” Winarski said. “Whether it’s sports, literary authors or music, being able to work with our hometown heroes is an honor. Pearl Jam is synonymous with the Seattle music scene. Being able to check that box alongside our existing Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain figures elicits a feeling of pride.”