So for your sake and mine, I'm brushing off the TiVo and jotting down some names and a quick reference guide.

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We’re already inching up on week two of the “American Idol” auditions, and what a week ahead we have! Congrats to “The View” who scored the first big interview with General Larry Platt. I’m hopeful that Whoopi Goldberg will have her own “Pants on the Ground” video for our contest.

Tuesday kicks off in Chicago with guest judge Shania Twain and Wednesday Kristin Chenoweth will meet up with the gang in Orlando. The super-long episodes are on hold for now. We’re back to one hour shows at 8 p.m. on Q13 FOX.

Fresh out of the first two episodes, I’ve already forgotten most of the contestants’ names. So for your sake and mine, I’m brushing off the TiVo and jotting down some names and a quick reference guide. This way, maybe we can discern who’s who once these wannabes make their grand entrance into Hollywood.


Janet McNamara, Somerville, MA – half shirt-wearing, muffin top jumping accountant who, while she may sing well on the video game, really doesn’t in person.

Maddy Curtis, Bluemont, VA – The ‘not annoying’ 16-year old girl with Down Syndrome brothers and the voice of an angel. I’m allowed to be trite on occasion, right? If this girl is any indication, we’re in for a great season. And she was wearing Birkenstocks. I like her.

Amadeo Diricco, Johnston, RI – big Italian guy with the big voice and even bigger Italian family. If he makes it past the first round, I will be surprised, but clearly the judges saw something in this guy that I did not.

Ashley Rodriguez, Boston, MA – With a smile like that, and a voice to match, Ashley will be a superstar.