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Need a good laugh?

Watch the clip below of Kaci Aitchison, an anchor on Q13 Fox News’ “This Morning” show, as she tries to draw a cannon on live TV that ends up looking more like a, um, sausage or something.

It happened on Wednesday morning during the Trending With Travis section of the program. The station’s director of digital strategy,  Travis Mayfield, was demonstrating a Google interactive drawing game that’s played against a robot.

In the game, called Quick Draw, the computer names an object, say, a bicycle or a truck, and the player attempts to draw the object on the screen with a finger. If the computer is able to recognize the drawing as the object named, that’s a win. According to Mayfield, the computer is also learning to recognize objects and adapting as more games are played.

Mayfield had successfully drawn a bow-tie and a pair of scissors when Aitchison joined him at the large screen.

When the game gave her the word “cannon,” she started quickly, drawing first a circle and then attaching two long parallel lines. Suddenly, she realized what she was doing, stopped, tried to shield the drawing from the camera with her hands and body and then hid her face. Meanwhile, her co-host and can be heard laughing throughout the rest of the segment.

Before Aitchison requests a break, Mayfield says, “I’m pretty sure that’s the best television I’ve ever been part of.”