Monday's "The Rachel Maddow Show" opened with Maddow showing a map of Seattle and Tacoma.

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It’s kind of a long story that begins with the tale of the ill-fated Galloping Gertie — the first bridge to span the Tacoma Narrows — and ends with Rachel Maddow explaining why President Donald Trump’s involvement in an Azerbaijan hotel ought to be investigated.

The segment which aired Monday on MSNBC starts with Maddow showing a map of Seattle and Tacoma. She then goes on to explain how the first bridge between Tacoma and the Kitsap peninsula was opened in July 1940 and how, four months later, it collapsed.

(Her story about how construction workers were warning there was something wrong with the bridge from the onset and the video of it rolling in the wind are pretty amazing.)

Maddow then goes on to talk about the company that much later built the third Tacoma Narrows Bridge, one of two that currently crosses the span. That company, Bechtel, is a world wide company, Maddow says, and she then explains how the company placed a bid to build roads in Azerbaijan that was rejected by a person she claims is a corrupt bureaucrat who became a billionaire despite a salary of about $12,000 a year.

Then she begins to get to the point, a point made in the article “Donald Trump’s Worst Deal” in The New Yorker. ┬áIn Azerbaijan, there is a hotel that not long ago had the letters TRUMP emblazoned across the top. The author of the article then goes on to explain the ties between that building, the corrupt official who rejected Bechtel, Trump and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, which trains and funds terrorist organizations.

The whole thing, Maddow claims,┬áraises a lot of red flags and calls for an investigation into Trump and his company’s potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.