ICYMI: "SNL" offers a brutal take down of Paul Ryan and welcomes McCarthy into the five-timers club.

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This past weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” brought us the returns of President Donald Trump and Press Secretary Sean Spicer, in the forms of Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy.

McCarthy, who made a splash Friday by “podiuming” down the streets of New York, also served as host.

Here are three buzzy moments from the show:

1. McCarthy’s Spicer bristles at the suggestion that the “articulate and charming” Sarah Huckabee Sanders should take over press briefings. Spicer is also shocked at the notion that “his friend” Trump could be lying to him, and the sketch ends on a surprising note.

2. Lester Holt’s interview with Trump made news last week. In this sketch, Trump admits he fired FBI director James Comey because of the Russian investigation. Holt wonders if “this is all over” but is told no because “nothing maters anymore.” The most brutal part of the sketch is the appearance of House Speaker Paul Ryan as an ice cream server.

3. McCarthy earned her five-time hosting jacket. Steve Martin showed up to welcome her into the club.