John Oliver first tackled the dense issue with great success three years ago. He again focused on net neutrality during Sunday's show.

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John Oliver wants Americans, all Americans, to let the Federal Communications Commission know the importance of net neutrality.

This is the second time in the three years “Last Week Tonight” has aired that Oliver has used the in-depth closing segment of his show to urge viewers to understand and advocate for net neutrality, which keeps internet service providers like Verizon and AT&T from blocking or slowing down apps, websites and content it doesn’t approve of or is in competition against. The rules also bar internet providers from creating faster service for a cost.

Oliver took up the issues after Ajit Pai, President Trump’s appointee heading the FCC, proposed junking the net neutrality rules put in place in 2015. Under former FCC chairman Tom Wheeler, the commission reclassified internet providers under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. This means that internet providers were reclassified as “common carriers,” subjecting them to utility-like regulation. Sound confusing? The Verge has a good explainer piece.

Like in 2014, Oliver again urged internet trolls to unleash their fury on the FCC. “We need all of you, I can’t believe I’m saying this, even Donald Trump’s internet fans on sites like 4 Chan and Reddit. The most powerful online trolls of all. This subject is one of the few things we actually really agree on.”

Leaving a comment on the FCC’s website is a cumbersome process. Oliver created the website,, which redirects users to the page they need to be on to log their support for the 2015 net-neutrality rules.

The last time Oliver carried the torch for net neutrality, the response was so great the FCC’s website crashed.