In an animated video, the late-night host breaks it down for children.

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Hey, here’s a catchy little ditty to help you understand how a lie becomes the truth.

In the style of “Schoolhouse Rock,” the parody song “I’m Just a Lie” tackles “alternative facts” in the President Donald Trump era.

In an animated video on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” the “lie” explains how he “popped out of the president’s brain and the very idea of me is completely insane.”

They “try to debunk me, but all they do is repeat me,” the lie sings, and pretty soon “the truth will lay down and die cause you can’t tell a fact from a lie.”

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The lie explains that he makes the president feel better about his choices, eases people’s fears about burning fossil fuels during global climate change and that once he’s repeated enough, the lie will “become a fact.”

“Real facts are so depressing,” the lie sings.