Will Peter go to prison? Will Diane and Kurt live happily ever after? And what about that wig? Two longtime fans of "The Good Wife" chat about the fourth-to-last episode.

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Last night, two longtime fans of “The Good Wife” staff writers Tricia Romano and Moira Macdonald — watched the show together, textually speaking. Here’s their recap/review/random thoughts (edited, to take out a lot of the fangirly exclamation points). Only three episodes remain!


Moira: Tonight I want to see the return of Jackie and Howard. Are they married or what?

Tricia: I totally forgot about that!  There are so many threads that they started and dropped. What are the other lost threads? Like, what happened to the other investigator, Robin? Did they just ghost her? I keep forgetting about Diane’s Republican husband. Where is he? Shooting things?? And I miss Michael J. Fox.

Moira: I’m hoping he’ll pop up one last time. I am SO TIRED of all the different alliances at the firm. But I do love David Lee. What ever happened to Taye Diggs, by the way?

Tricia:  Another one! Where did he go? And the extremely handsome, very bad drug dealer?

Moira: Yes! What happened to the VERY HANDSOME Lemond Bishop?

Tricia:  SO HANDSOME. I almost feel like we are in some parallel universe of the legal version of ‘Lost.’ So many unanswered questions to mysteries. WHAT IS THE ISLAND, MOIRA?

Moira:  Hoping for some answers tonight. Fun fact: Phil Alden Robinson, who directed this episode, also directed “Field of Dreams.” Anyway, Alicia’s off to Toronto.

Tricia: They brought our favorite NSA agent back, Jeff Dellinger, played by Zach Woods, the actor who is also so fantastic on “Silicon Valley.” Apparently, he knew they were spying on him and he was afraid as he entered from Canada to America that he’d be arrested, Edward Snowden-style.

Moira: Meanwhile!  Diane’s adorable husband, who I always think has just dropped by from the Oval Office (Gary Cole is also on “Veep”), soulfully tells her that he needs to talk to her. She panics! Turns out he just wants to sell the business so they can spend more time together. Meaning: Diane gets to end her days in “The Good Wife” happy. For the record, NOBODY puts on and takes off glasses as dramatically as Diane Lockhart. It’s something I imitate in my own life.

Tricia: Ha! I’m jealous of her jewelry game. I want all her big, chunky necklaces. But seriously, they have such an interesting marriage/arrangement. So, things get extra tense when she and David Lee investigate and discover he’s undervaluing his company by a half mil. And it gets even worse when Diane finds out just who he’s planning to sell to — just an adorably blonde Republican young woman played by …?

Moira: Former local girl Megan Hilty! Last seen, at least by me, being adorably theatrical on “Smash.” She compliments Diane’s necklace, and we all swoon. Megan does a great job as a grinning, sashaying schemer.

Tricia:  She’s great and has no idea what’s about to hit her. DO NOT make Diane Lockhart angry! I think I saw steam.

Moira:  The wrath of Diane Lockhart is an awesome thing to witness. Almost as good as the Oh My God What Just Happened shots of Alan Cumming reacting to things. Such as, his face when Peter told him that Alicia wanted a divorce. DUN DUN DUUUUH.

Tricia:  Fun Fact: Alan Cumming walked in on me while I was peeing in a bathroom in NYC once. He did his best Horrified Alan Cumming Face; I wasn’t even mad.

Moira:  Best celebrity encounter ever!

Tricia: It really was. So, Eli’s face gets quite a workout as the bearded government lawyer who looks to be in diapers informs them that Peter’s being arrested for … well, we can’t remember the precise legal term, but apparently he arranged a mistrial in a murder case in exchange for campaign contributions.

Moira:  The bearded guy, by the way, was Matthew Morrison of “Glee.” Why didn’t he and Megan Hilty sing something?

Tricia:  I was never a “Glee” fan. Doesn’t it seem like Chicago is a really small town? They seem to have only two law firms and one private investigator, because hunky Jason gets called up by Mr. Tascioni and his little dog to be the private investigator for Peter. Awwwwwkward!

Moira: A small town that pays a LOT of attention to who’s running for state’s attorney. That little dog cracks me up.

Tricia: This of course leads to an equally awkward meeting with poor, lonely Cary, and his lonely bowl of soup who explains that there might be a case…

Moira: And that Peter might get jail time — 3 years, I think? Alicia promises to stand by him, and we’re shown a rather spot-on mirror image of the series’ first scene (I think?) in its first episode: a press conference, where Peter’s in trouble and Alicia stands by her man. She has a much better outfit this time around, though.

Tricia:  Eh, three years. It’s a minimal security prison. Think of all the reading he can get done! Besides, she’s getting a divorce, soon. It’s an odd dynamic — on the one hand, she wants to be free of Peter, and on the other hand, she wants to protect him.  Her outfits might be better, but oh, god, THE WIGS, THE WIGS!

Moira: Alicia and Peter’s relationship is so complicated. And believable, I think. Peter is such a sleaze, and yet there’s something in the way Chris Noth plays him — you can see, somewhere deep inside, the idealistic young lawyer that Alicia fell in love with, a couple of decades ago.

Tricia: I don’t know what it is but I don’t think Chris Noth ever has chemistry with his female costars, even Carrie / Sarah Jessica Bradshaw. The most entertaining part of the episode is the NSA bit up in Toronto. I never want to talk on the phone again.

Moira: Dear God, the wigs. Why can this show not afford a glamorous wig for its leading lady? I want to be a trial lawyer in Canada. Just to have the opportunity to say “Your Worship.” How many anti-American burns did Your Worship get in?

Tricia: At least eleventy million. I counted at least three. Canadians have better manners, America is the “‘land of guns and gangs,” and there was at least one “we have single payer health care and you don’t, neener, neener, neener” moment. Jayne Atkinson, who played Your Worship (and is the Secretary of State on “House of Cards”) did some fine scenery chewing.

Moira: Oh, and “American-style interruptions”! How many seasons has the NSA been listening in on Alicia?

Tricia: 2 or 3??

Moira: That was some serious Canadian shade being thrown!

Tricia: She forgot to mention their incredibly hot Prime Minister.

Moira:  For the record, the Toronto airport does NOT look like that. On another note: really, all Jeffrey Dean Morgan does on this show is grin wickedly. Which is enough.

Tricia:  I used to think he was the poor man’s Robert Downey Jr. I have since revised my opinion to be that Robert Downey Jr. is the poor man’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Moira: Indeed. To quote Eli, he is very . . . . calm.

Tricia:  As hot as he is, I really miss Matthew Goode. They seemed to be more right for each other.

Moira: Ah yes — the flawless Finn Polmar. Unfortunately he had to time-travel to Downton Abbey and marry Lady Mary. I also rather miss the Handsome Campaign Manager who (fun fact) I personally just saw singing bluegrass on Broadway last month. (Steven Pasquale, in “The Robber Bridegroom.”)

Tricia: Ha, interesting! He showed up as the racist cop on the “People V. O.J. Simpson.” Hateful, but still very hot. This show has had no shortage of Very Handsome Men. Thank you, Good Wife casting directors!

Moira:  Well, it’s not like he walked in on me in the bathroom or anything. Yes, this show has terrific casting — and, because they film in New York (most network shows shoot in L.A.) they have a different casting pool than the usual suspects. Lots of theater actors. So … looking ahead to next week!

Tricia: Looks like you’ll get a couple of your wishes: Jackie and Howard will make an appearance. The kids are back and we’ve been teased hints that Will return (either from the dead or in a flashback). But since this isn’t “Lost,” it’ll probably be the the latter.

Moira: I’d like to see him as a ghost. Prediction for the final scene of the show? (Which we’ll revise over the next three weeks?)

Tricia: GHOST WILL. Are they going to have ghost sex?

Moira: With a potter’s wheel, like in “Ghost”?

Tricia: Using the body of Whoopi Goldberg! Please someone make this happen. Hmm, how do I want it to end? I think she ends up with Jason; I hope Cary comes back to the firm and the nonsense about the firm alliances are done with. But you can’t make it a perfect happy ending. That would be annoying.

Moira: I’d like to see Alicia and Diane actually create a new firm together and live happily ever after in a land of cranky judges, big settlements and beautifully tailored suits. But we shall see. We’ll be back next week!