Here’s a refresher course on “Twin Peaks.”

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Before this new season, the last major “Twin Peaks” story filmed was the 1992 prequel film, “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me,” which introduced new FBI agent characters and followed the last seven days of Laura Palmer’s life.

Chronologically, the “Twin Peaks” story ended with cliffhangers in 1991’s 22nd episode of the second season.

Cooper entered the metaphysical White Lodge red room and then moved to the Black Lodge red room where evil spirit BOB appeared to kill Cooper’s former FBI partner-turned-nemesis, Windom Earle, who had kidnapped Annie Blackburn, Cooper’s girlfriend.

In a separate story, Audrey Horne chained herself to the vault of the town bank as a form of protest. When Pete Martell and Andrew Packard visited and opened a safe-deposit box, a bomb went off. According to Mark Frost’s “Secret History of Twin Peaks,” Audrey survived the blast but Pete and Andrew did not (David Lynch told GQ Frost’s book is Frost’s history of “Twin Peaks,” and Lynch hasn’t read it, so good luck trying to determine what is canon).

When Cooper emerged from the Black Lodge, he had been possessed by BOB. Cooper woke in his room in the Great Northern Lodge, surrounded by Sheriff Truman and Dr. Hayward, then went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Alone in the bathroom, after squeezing the entire contents of a tube of toothpaste into the sink, Cooper reared back and smashed his head into the mirror, breaking it and seeing BOB as his reflection while muttering, “How’s Annie?” as he laughed maniacally.