Also showing Nov. 14: “Finding Your Roots” on KCTS.

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“Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders”

Series finale; a second trial gets underway with Barry Levin joining the defense team; political collusion reaches an apex; Judge Weisberg disallows Lyle and Erik’s family members to testify; Leslie learns revealing information about Jose and Kitty’s childhoods; 10 p.m. Tuesday on KING.

Also on Tuesday

“The Middle,” 8 p.m. (KOMO): The Hecks take a hectic road trip to Frankie’s sister’s house for Thanksgiving; the kids must decide which one of them will lose their job at Spudsy’s.

“Finding Your Roots,” 8 p.m. (KCTS): Lupita Nyong’o, Carmelo Anthony and Ana Navarro learn about the political choices of their fathers.

“The Flash,” 8 p.m. (KSTW): When Native American artifact collectors are attacked by a meta who can bring inanimate objects to life, Barry turns to a surprising ally for help; Harry enlists Cisco’s help to determine the identity of The Thinker.

“This Is Us,” 9 p.m. (KING): Kevin goes back to his high school to accept an award; Jack and Rebecca are excited about their kids’ futures.

“Blackish,” 9 p.m. (KOMO): Dre’s godbrother is released from prison, which sparks debate; the kids pressure Ruby to reveal secrets from her past.

“Bull,” 9 p.m. (KIRO): Bull helps the parents of a former employee sue a drug company when their son commits suicide during a drug trial.

“The Mick,” 9 p.m. (KCPQ): Mickey and the kids go to their great grandmother’s 100th-birthday celebration; the kids’ grandmother gives the family an unexpected surprise.

“American Horror Story,” 10 p.m. (FX): Season-seven finale of anthology series, satirizing the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Madeline McKenzie:

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