On “Supernatural, ” a search for Lucifer and on “Scandal,” a new chief of staff.

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“The Four: Battle For Stardom”

Season-one finale, the six-week series crowns a champion who’ll win a recording contract in two-hour finale, with the help of mentors Meghan Trainor, Sean “Diddy” Combs, DJ Khaled and record executive Charlie Walk; 8 p.m. Thursday on KCPQ.

Also on Thursday

“2018 Winter Olympics,” 5-8 p.m. (KING): Live, figure-skating team competition; qualifying-round action in freestyle skiing; repeats at 8:30 p.m.

“Grey’s Anatomy,” 8 p.m. (KOMO): April is in charge of new surgical innovation contest; the doctors are eager to start their projects; Meredith treats a returning patient who inspires her project.

“Supernatural,” 8 p.m. (KSTW): Sam, Dean and Castiel search for Lucifer, who is negotiating an unlikely deal with a local faith healer; Asmodeus gets closer to finding Jack.

“Arrow,” 9 p.m. (KSTW): Cayden James discovers a secret about the Green Arrow; Oliver must decide if he needs to turn to his old teammates for help.

“Scandal,” 9 p.m. (KOMO): Mellie’s plans to name Jake as her new chief of staff push Olivia to make sure that does not happen; Abby, Huck and Charlie decide it’s time to move forward.

“How To Get Away With Murder,” 10 p.m. (KOMO): Annalise deals with damaging details about a key witness in her case to help Laurel; the friends continue their efforts to help build a case for Annalise’s class-action lawsuit.

“Mysteries At The Museum,” 10 p.m. (TRAVEL): An unlikely alliance between the military and a mob boss, a death-defying voyage on the high seas; a highflying heroine who went above and beyond the call of duty.

“The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” 11:35 p.m. (KIRO): Actor Joel McHale; actress Yara Shahidi; Joywave performs.

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Program times may vary depending on your cable provider or service.