“National Memorial Day Concert”

Joe Mantegna and Mary McCormack co-host the 30th anniversary broadcast of the annual concert honoring the men and women of the U.S. armed forces, live from the U.S. Capitol’s West Lawn; performers include Patti LaBelle and Gavin DeGraw, 8 p.m., repeats at 9:30 p.m. on KCTS.

Also on Sunday

“American Ninja Warrior,” 7 p.m. (KING): All-Star Skills Special; the hosts select the top athletes to compete on the National Finals course, including tag-team-style competition.

“The 10 Greatest Animal Movies of All Time,” 8 p.m. (KSTW): Dean Cain hosts countdown of memorable, heartwarming animal movies.

“Killing Eve,” 8 p.m. (AMC): Season two finale; Eve’s mission is disastrously compromised; Carolyn briefs Eve on her current status as an employee of the British government and leaves Eve’s future in her own hands.

“Lakefront Bargain Hunt, 8 p.m. (HGTV): A couple searches for a vacation home along the shores of Osoyoos Lake, on the U.S.-Canadian border in Okanogan County.

“Game of Thrones: The Last Watch,” 9 p.m. (HBO): Documentary on the final season; the crew and the cast contend with extreme weather, deadlines and excited fandom as they bring the fantasy world of Westeros to life.

“A Discovery of Witches,” 9 p.m. (AMC): Season one finale; Matthew’s attempt to rescue Diana from Juliette goes horribly wrong; Diana must strike a dreadful bargain with the goddess and make the ultimate sacrificial pact.

“Vida,” 9 p.m. (STARZ): Season two premiere; the bar prepares to host a fundraiser for Eddy’s hospital expenses; an event in the building leaves everyone stunned.

“Good Girls,” 10 p.m. (KING): Season two finale of the dark comedy, renewed for next season; the women must contend with a rotten egg from the past; Rio makes a grand gesture for Beth; a new business opportunity presents itself.

Madeline McKenzie: mmckenzie@seattletimes.com. Program times may vary depending on your cable provider or service.